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Vaccine Letter

Why I decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine

What have you heard about the vaccination for COVID-19? I know there's been plenty of talk about the benefits and possible risks, and many people aren't sure whether they will get the vaccine just yet.

Since I care a great deal about your oral and overall health, I wanted to share my own personal experiences with you. We're all in this together, and I feel an open dialogue is helpful to everyone.

I received my first vaccine shot the end of December 2020 and my second shot in January 2021, and I'm happy to say it went well. I received the Moderna vaccine through Kaiser. I did have a sore arm for several days after each shot and after the second shot I had a few additional symptoms for a few hours. The most common temporary side effects are: discomfort at the injection site, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, chills and fever.

In truth, it was easy for me to say "yes" to the vaccine. This is because I've studied the current science, which shows these vaccines are safe and effective for nearly everyone. Of course, if you have medical concerns, please consult your physician.

All of us at Phillips Family Dental Care are committed to your good health. That's why we're wearing special protective equipment, are even more scrupulous about keeping our office and exam rooms spotlessly clean and disinfected and are requiring masks for all patients and visitors.

In my view, getting vaccinated is just one more way we can protect ourselves and each other.

I realize that you may want to know more about COVID-19 vaccines and your health. I will be happy to address any questions you have. We also have fact sheets that may be helpful to you. Pick one up when you come in, ask for an emailed copy or find them on our website.

For a list of local vaccine clinics, go to www.socoemergency.org/vaccine

Looking forward to seeing you in our office soon!

Justin D. Phillips, DDS
Phillips Family Dental Care

“Sure Dr. Phillips was voted best Dental Office in Sonoma County, but his patients could have been telling you that year after year. For over 10 years now, I have been receiving the same consistent attention and service at Phillips Family Dental Care visit after visit. The staff is consistently professional and upbeat. The office is modern and always clean and beautiful. The dental hygienist are very detail oriented and informative. I never feel rushed and the environment is relaxed. I have been very pleased at the outcomes of the work that I have had done. I quickly learned that Dr. Justin takes a lot of pride in the work that he does and he wants to ensure that all work is done to an extremely high standard using the most modern tools and techniques. This office, all employees included, could really write the book on how it should be done.”

— Mike Charleton — Windsor, CA September 23rd, 2013